Ambrosia Littles’ Summer Birthday

This month we celebrated the littlest ones on Team Ambrosia!!! These sweet little darlings shared a summer birthday party complete with ladybugs, caterpillars, bumblebees; lots of fresh organic, local food; and close family and friends to bless the girls as they turned the big FOUR and TWO!!! 😀 girlsbday Chef & Mama Sabrina Kate with the beautiful birthday girls 🙂 (Littlest was shy lol)

Of course having a baker for a mama, the girls got Organic, GMO-free, Gluten & Dairy Free CAKES!!!! 😀 girlscakes Vanilla Bean Cake with Apricot/Swiss Filling and Swiss Vanilla Bean Frosting &  Banana Cake with Strawberry Filling and Swiss Vanilla Bean Frosting… All topped with hand sculpted fondant bugs & flowers!!! 🙂 Watercolor grass painting done with all-natural vegetable food dyes..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our little loves, so very blessed to celebrate these amazing girls!!! girls2 ~SK & Ambrosia Team~    ❤ 

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