Spring Menu 2016

Beautiful warm spring weather is finally upon us after a cold winter and we’re so thrilled to launch our Organic & Gluten-Free Spring Menu!!! Available March 20- May 31, this menu features some amazing, gourmet flavor selections using the season’s freshest, local, organic ingredients!!  These are perfect additions to your spring meals, whether you are celebrating Passover, Easter, Spring Equinox, or Mother’s Day!!

Featuring tea flavors such as chamomile and earl grey, with the delicate florals of jasmine, rose, and violet, along with seasonal fruits and herbs, we locally source ingredients to support organic farmers… Our gourmet, food allergy friendly Spring Menu is as ALWAYS ‪#‎organic ‪#gmofree ‪#‎glutenfree ‪#cornfree ‪#‎peanutfree ‪#‎soyfree with ‪#‎vegan ‪#‎grainfree ‪#‎paleo ‪#‎dairycaseinfree ‪#‎eggfree options!!!

The third of our Exclusive Signature Desserts arrives in her earthly yet heavenly presence ~ Gaea ~ The goddess of earth appears as a Green Tea Matcha Cake with Coconut Ginger Crème & Peach Curd Fillings, Topped with Honey Swiss Buttercream Frosting and Fresh Rosemary… Such a natural and refreshing ~ambrosial~ cake to enjoy during this delightful season!

Also, NOT listed on our menu but still available, are our Organic Chocolate Bunnies, available in Dark or Milk Chocolate, can be filled with Almond Butter or Fleur de Sel Sea Salted Caramel. Our bunnies are completely organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, egg-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and are available dairy/casein-free upon request. $15 for a 7″ tall bunny


You may email your order to: info@ambrosianaturabakery.com, or give us a call at (541)295-4859. We can ship some of our products, and we also do small scale catering, delivery, and custom orders!!  We can create most of our selections to accommodate dietary needs & preferences. Your order will come packaged in pretty  packaging and ribbon, ready for gift giving & spring celebrations!!!

Happy Spring!

❤ Ambrosia Team~



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