WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? ~ Ambrosia is located in a private, state licensed bakery kitchen in the Applegate Valley. We do not have a storefront at this time are not open to the public, but our baked goods are available for delivery to Southern Oregon towns — Grants Pass and Jacksonville are probably are top two delivery areas 🙂 We have some of our products at True Juice in Grants Pass if you want to try something out! We are also at the Grants Pass Grower’s Market on Saturdays from 9am-1pm in downtown Grants Pass on 4th and F Street with a variety of our baked goods each week. (Be sure to check our Facebook page to see what days we will be at the market)

CAN I GET A CAKE TODAY OR TOMORROW? ~ NO. We are a custom order bakery, meaning EVERYTHING we make is for custom order. We do not have cakes sitting around, we make everything fresh for each customer! We require at least 48 hours notice for most simple orders; for custom event and wedding cakes, we require at least 2 weeks in advance for booking your date, and during our busy season (May-Sept) can be booked out as far as a month!

IS EVERYTHING GLUTEN-FREE? ~ YES!!! We are a strictly WHEAT-FREE bakery!! We do not even have any gluten- containing ingredients in our kitchen, so there is not even a worry about cross contamination!

IS EVERYTHING ORGANIC? ~ About 85-90% of our ingredients are certified organic, and we source sustainably-farmed and locally grown ingredients whenever possible! If an ingredient does not exist with an organic option, then we find the next best — non-GMO, so all of our products are 100% GMO-FREE! 🙂 A few of our favorites are our fair-trade organic chocolate, RSPO certified organic palm shortening, organic raw vanilla beans, and organic unrefined coconut oil.. Stay tuned for an INGREDIENT page with details on all of our amazing and healthy ingredients!!!

WHAT DO ALL THOSE ABBREVIATIONS MEAN, ANYWAYS? On our labeling you will see GF DF PF SF, etc, and if you are unsure what those all mean, here’s a handy little guide! 😉

GF – Gluten-Free          GrF- Grain-Free          DF – Dairy/Casein-Free

EF – Egg-Free          CF – Corn-Free          NF – Nut/Treenut Free

PF – Peanut- Free          RSF – Refined Sugar Free          SF – Soy-Free


HOW DO I ORDER? ~ Give us a call (541)295-4859, or email us at info@ambrosianaturalbakery.com, and we will discuss all the details regarding what you’d like, what your particular food intolerances/allergies or dietary preferences are, and answer any questions you may have! The following info is super helpful for our bakers to know when calling (or if you leave a message): 1. Date of event you need the cake for 2. How many people you need to serve. 3. Your contact info.