Our Chef

Sabrina Perry is our executive pastry chef and CEO of Ambrosia, the visionary behind our mission, and creative force responsible for our all natural and specialty bakery offerings. Sabrina has well over 15 years of pastry experience, 10 years of holistic health study, with a background in nursing and nutritional science. She loves to offer her expertise and support to the community with specialty baking, holistic health, and natural living education. Her passion is to create baked goods for those suffering from food allergies, intolerances, and health issues. “Have your cake and eat it too” is Sabrina’s motto when meeting her client’s needs to cater to their dietary preferences. She believes no one should have to go without cake or treats just because they follow strict diets!! When not baking, Sabrina enjoys fitness, studying and practicing holistic and alternative health methods. Sabrina is also a singer, pianist and recording artist and has toured 4 states in the last year with her husband, Scott, and they reside in Lake Havasu City with their family while they play music at local and statewide venues.

Photo by: Ink & Ivy Photography