Our Name & Philosophy

Ambrosia Natural Bakery

What’s In a Name?

Hippocrates said, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine.”

We truly believe that with the proper diet, the body will heal itself and be restored to optimum health. “Ambrosia” is the healing nectar of the gods. Our artisan baked goods are healing for the body, mind, and soul; delightful sweets for your soul and soothing medicine for your body…

Ambrosia was thought to bring immortality; and while our heavenly treats can’t make anyone immortal, they are a great place to start for health and longevity!!!

Ambrosia also, by definition, means “something with an exceptionally delicious flavor or fragrance.” Using some of the finest local and organic ingredients in our baked goods, yields the most amazing, AMBROSIAL aromas wafting from our kitchen; and divine flavors that will leave you feeling like a god or goddess!!

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