Oregon Chocolate Festival 2017

We are excited to be vendors at the 13th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival in Ashland March 3-5 this year!!

Local choco-holics NEED to come to this event!! There’s a spa chocolate cocktail party, chef demos and workshops from the valley’s top artisans, bakers, and chocolatiers, a chocolate maker’s dinner, and even a 5K run!

Ambrosia will have a booth filled with our artisan, gluten-free, and organic baked goods, with food allergy-friendly, paleo, and vegan options too!!


On Saturday, March 4th at 2:30 pm in the Grand Ballroom of the Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites, our CEO & Executive Pastry Chef Sabrina Kate will be showing you how to “Have your chocolate and eat it too” with a demo, recipe, and top secret pro kitchen tricks for a gluten, grain, & refined sugar free, fair-trade, plant-based chocolate treat to make in your own home. Attendees to the demo will receive a 10% off coupon to redeem at Ambrosia’s booth filled with gluten-free, organic chocolate baked goodies!
Head over to our FB page – facebook.com/bakeryambrosia  for event details and oregonchocolatefestival.com for tickets and festival schedule. Hope to see you all next week!!!

~Ambrosia Team~


Grain and Refined Sugar Free Baking Class

Answering many of our customer’s requests, we are finally doing it!!! 🙂

If you follow a clean eating, low carb, paleo, or whole30 diet, then you know the challenges that come up in the kitchen. In our FIRST Grain and Refined Sugar Free Baking Class, Chef Sabrina will be showing YOU how to overcome these problems. She has 4 years experience baking grain and refined sugar free, catering to her customers that follow these special diets, are diabetic, or who deal with health issues like candidiasis.

Join us for a 2 hour class filled with health info, techniques and tips for baking without grains or sugars, how to live the grain-free lifestyle, and demos of Sabrina’s favorite paleo-friendly recipes. You’ll get a thorough grocery and dining out guide, class packet, grain and refined sugar free baked goods and refreshments, and you’ll learn top SECRET pro tricks to getting good results in the kitchen!!!

DON’T MISS this class, we are offering it for the first time, and most likely will not offer it again until January 2018!!! Email us at info@ambrosianaturalbakery.com TODAY to reserve your space, we book quickly and have limited seats!

Class cost is $40 & must be prepaid and preregistered in advance. Class cost incluces:
Chef demo of 2 grain and refined sugar free recipes
Grocery and dining out guide
Ambrosia paleo baked goods and refreshments
$10 Ambrosia gift card
Presentation on grain and refined sugar free baking & health info

Class Outline:
What is paleo/whole30?
The science behind WHY a grain-free lifestyle
How to live without grains and sugar (shopping, eating out, travelling, special occasions, etc)
Learning alternative ingredients, how they work, and what to avoid
New recipes & techniques in the kitchen


Ambrosia at True Juice!!!

We are so excited to announce that our baked goods are now available at Grant Pass’ newest organic raw juice & smoothie bar True Juice!!! Ambrosia & True Juice agree that “Food is Medicine”, and this match made in heaven is quickly becoming a favorite for locals with food allergies/intolerances, or for those wanting food integrity — food/drink made with local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.


Read more about True Juice’s mission statement and all that they offer in the Health & Arts Hub on their website: http://www.truejuiceorganic.com/

The Grand Opening for True Juice was on September 10th, and it was a full house!!! We offered samples and debuted our Gluten-Free and Vegan Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins that are available at True Juice, it was so much fun to watch little ones (and big people too!) with food allergies come in and enjoy a treat with big smiles on their faces!!!

If you are local to Southern Oregon, you do NOT want to miss out on this amazing collaboration of REAL FOOD ~ Ambrosia & True Juice are truly a match made in organic heaven!!!


Summer Menu 2016

Summer is here! It is sweltering outside, so be sure stay cool and hydrated, and check out our 2016 Organic & Gluten-Free Summer Menu!!!  Available June 10- August 31, this menu features some amazing, gourmet flavor combinations using the season’s freshest, local, organic ingredients!! Breakfast & Lunch items, Cakes, Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, and Specialties which include Ambrosia Exclusives, as well as our fabulous French Macarons! Our menu selections are perfect additions to your summer meals, whether you are celebrating Father’s Day, graduation ceremonies, birthdays, weddings, or even backyard summer barbecues!!

Featuring flavors rich in summer’s bounty such as berries, refreshing citrus, heirloom tomatoes, the freshest seasonal herbs, and light florals, we locally source ingredients to support organic sustainable farms… Our gourmet, food allergy friendly Summer Menu is as ALWAYS ‪#‎organic ‪#gmofree ‪#‎glutenfree ‪#cornfree ‪#‎peanutfree ‪#‎soyfree with ‪#‎vegan ‪#‎grainfree ‪#‎paleo ‪#‎dairycaseinfree ‪#‎eggfree options!!!

We are launching TWO of our Exclusive Signature Desserts in this menu, starting with Neptune ~ The god of the sea rides in on a wave featuring a lovely tropic White Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Ganache Filling, Topped with Lime Swiss Buttercream Frosting, Macadamia Nuts, Lime Zest, and Fresh Mint; excellent for those blissful beachy days laying by the surf with your toes in the sand!

The god of the sky ~ Jupiter is truly an ambrosial, heavenly delight presenting a soft and airy Coconut Crème Cloud Cake with Coconut Crème Filling, Topped with Coconut Swiss Buttercream Frosting and Toasted Coconut; such an invigorating and uplifting treat to enjoy while watching the clouds drift away on these carefree summer days!!!

You may email your order to: info@ambrosianaturabakery.com, or give us a call at (541)295-4859. We can ship some of our products, and we also do small scale catering, delivery, and custom orders!!  We can create most of our selections to accommodate dietary needs & preferences. Your order will come packaged in pretty  packaging and ribbon, ready for gift giving & summer celebrations!!!

***Please note summer is one of our busiest seasons, so most orders must be placed at least 4 days in advance, with some custom orders requiring 2 weeks minimum prior to event for booking.

Happy Summer!

❤ Ambrosia Team~




Lavender Festival

For the next of our events for 2016, we will be the primary food vendors at this year’s Lavender Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon!!!😀 Join us June 24-26 at Lavender Fields Forever in the Applegate Valley ~ 385 Hamilton Road, Jacksonville, Oregon.

Chef Sabrina Kate has created a completely lavender-inspired menu including beverages, lunch, and desserts featuring the finest therapeutic grade lavender essential oil,  culinary local lavender buds, and organic ingredients.. Some extraordinary desserts and specialties made to indulge those with food allergies & dietary preferences, all while staying true to our mission to stay local, small, and offering our customers the highest quality baked goods around!!! Sourcing as many ingredients as we can locally to support our local farms, our Menus are ALWAYS ‪#‎organic ‪#gmofree ‪#‎glutenfree ‪#cornfree ‪#‎peanutfree ‪#‎soyfree with ‪#‎vegan ‪#‎grainfree ‪#‎paleo #refinedsugarfree ‪#‎dairycaseinfree ‪#‎eggfree options.

We will be launching the 4th of our Exclusive Signature Desserts ~ Selene ~the goddess of the moon in her celestial glory — a Vanilla Bean Cake with Blueberry & Lavender Infused White Chocolate Truffle Filling, Topped with Lemon Swiss Buttercream Frosting, Fresh Blueberries & Lavender, perfect for tranquil midsummer’s evenings, relaxing under the summer sky!!!

Sabrina will also be giving a short demo on baking and cooking with lavender prior to lunch time at the lavender farm; the uses of culinary lavender and lavender essential oil in baked goods and recipes, as well as the healing properties of lavender along with food pairing suggestions.  

We look forward to this fun and fragrant filled event, hope to see you all there!!!  View more info at: http://www.southernoregonlavendertrail.com/


Gluten-Free Baking Class

We are offering a Gluten-Free Baking Class!!! Our classes provide an opportunity to learn ideas, recipes, tips, and important health information from Chef Sabrina Kate. It is a fun time of cooking, learning, and tasting wonderful organic gluten-free food!!!

The class cost is $40 per person, or $60 for 2 people and must preregistered & prepaid in advance via phone (541)295-4859 or email info@ambrosianaturalbakery.com We accept cash, checks, or credit card for payment. Class size is limited, seat(s) will only be reserved at the time payment is made. Class reservations are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Class cost includes:
Chef demo of 2 Gluten-Free Recipes
Ambrosia Baked Goods & Refreshments
Swag Bag of Organic & Gluten-Free Goodies including $10 Ambrosia gift card
Presentation on Gluten-Free Cooking & Health Info

Make sure to bring an appetite and questions regarding gluten-free baking & cooking, you can even bring your favorite family recipe and we’ll show you how to convert it to gluten-free!!

OUR NEXT CLASS IS MAY 23, 2016 6:30 PM AT THE REDWOOD GRANGE IN GRANTS PASS, OREGON. View our event page on Facebook for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1042393359177677/?active_tab=highlights


Spring Menu 2016

Beautiful warm spring weather is finally upon us after a cold winter and we’re so thrilled to launch our Organic & Gluten-Free Spring Menu!!! Available March 20- May 31, this menu features some amazing, gourmet flavor selections using the season’s freshest, local, organic ingredients!!  These are perfect additions to your spring meals, whether you are celebrating Passover, Easter, Spring Equinox, or Mother’s Day!!

Featuring tea flavors such as chamomile and earl grey, with the delicate florals of jasmine, rose, and violet, along with seasonal fruits and herbs, we locally source ingredients to support organic farmers… Our gourmet, food allergy friendly Spring Menu is as ALWAYS ‪#‎organic ‪#gmofree ‪#‎glutenfree ‪#cornfree ‪#‎peanutfree ‪#‎soyfree with ‪#‎vegan ‪#‎grainfree ‪#‎paleo ‪#‎dairycaseinfree ‪#‎eggfree options!!!

The third of our Exclusive Signature Desserts arrives in her earthly yet heavenly presence ~ Gaea ~ The goddess of earth appears as a Green Tea Matcha Cake with Coconut Ginger Crème & Peach Curd Fillings, Topped with Honey Swiss Buttercream Frosting and Fresh Rosemary… Such a natural and refreshing ~ambrosial~ cake to enjoy during this delightful season!

Also, NOT listed on our menu but still available, are our Organic Chocolate Bunnies, available in Dark or Milk Chocolate, can be filled with Almond Butter or Fleur de Sel Sea Salted Caramel. Our bunnies are completely organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, egg-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and are available dairy/casein-free upon request. $15 for a 7″ tall bunny


You may email your order to: info@ambrosianaturabakery.com, or give us a call at (541)295-4859. We can ship some of our products, and we also do small scale catering, delivery, and custom orders!!  We can create most of our selections to accommodate dietary needs & preferences. Your order will come packaged in pretty  packaging and ribbon, ready for gift giving & spring celebrations!!!

Happy Spring!

❤ Ambrosia Team~