Lavender Festival

For the next of our events for 2016, we will be the primary food vendors at this year‚Äôs Lavender Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon!!!ūüėĬ†Join us June 24-26 at Lavender Fields Forever in the Applegate Valley ~ 385 Hamilton Road, Jacksonville, Oregon.

Chef Sabrina Kate has created a completely lavender-inspired menu including beverages, lunch, and desserts featuring the finest therapeutic grade lavender essential oil,  culinary local lavender buds, and organic ingredients.. Some extraordinary desserts and specialties made to indulge those with food allergies & dietary preferences, all while staying true to our mission to stay local, small, and offering our customers the highest quality baked goods around!!! Sourcing as many ingredients as we can locally to support our local farms, our Menus are ALWAYS ‪#‎organic ‪#gmofree ‪#‎glutenfree ‪#cornfree ‪#‎peanutfree ‪#‎soyfree with ‪#‎vegan ‪#‎grainfree ‪#‎paleo #refinedsugarfree ‪#‎dairycaseinfree ‪#‎eggfree options.

We will be launching the 4th¬†of our¬†Exclusive Signature Desserts ~ Selene ~the goddess of the moon in her celestial glory — a¬†Vanilla Bean Cake with Blueberry & Lavender Infused White Chocolate Truffle Filling, Topped with Lemon Swiss Buttercream Frosting, Fresh Blueberries & Lavender, perfect for tranquil midsummer’s evenings, relaxing under the summer sky!!!

Sabrina will also be giving a short demo on baking and cooking with lavender prior to lunch time at the lavender farm; the uses of culinary lavender and lavender essential oil in baked goods and recipes, as well as the healing properties of lavender along with food pairing suggestions.  

We look forward to this fun and fragrant filled event, hope to see you all there!!!  View more info at:


Oregon Chocolate Festival 2016

We are SO EXCITED to be vendors for the first time at this year’s Chocolate Festival in Ashland, Oregon!!! ūüėÄ Chocolate lovers DO NOT want to miss out on this amazing weekend of pure chocolate HEAVEN ‚̧

Our chef has created an ALL CHOCOLATE menu featuring the finest fair trade organic baking chocolates, cacao powders, and organic ingredients.. Some¬†extraordinary¬†desserts and specialties¬†made to¬†indulge those with¬†food allergies & dietary preferences, all¬†while staying true¬†to our mission to stay local, small, and offering our customers the highest quality baked goods around!!!¬†Sourcing as many ingredients as we can locally to support our local farmers, our Menus are¬†ALWAYS ‚Ä™#‚Äéorganic ‚Ä™#gmofree ‚Ä™#‚Äéglutenfree ‚Ä™#cornfree ‚Ä™#‚Äépeanutfree ‚Ä™#‚Äésoyfree with ‚Ä™#‚Äévegan ‚Ä™#‚Äégrainfree ‚Ä™#‚Äépaleo #refinedsugarfree ‚Ä™#‚Äédairycaseinfree ‚Ä™#‚Äéeggfree options. (There will be a couple vegan AND paleo/grain free options available at the festival not listed on our menu) ūüėČ

We are thrilled to introduce the second of our Exclusive Signature Desserts ~ Hephaestus  ~ The god of fire is represented in this sizzling and sultry Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Cake with Blood Orange Truffle Ganache, Topped with Chili-Infused Buttercream, Orange Zest and Cayenne. This red hot ~ambrosial~ cake is perfect for turning up the heat in these cold months!!! Our Aphrodite cake, which was introduced last month, will also make her glorious appearance at the festival, as well as be entered into a chocolate product competition!

Also at the festival on Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at 10:00 am, our head pastry chef Sabrina will be giving a chef’s demo!! ūüôā¬† Baking with food allergies or new dietary guidelines can be frustrating, confusing, and often feels overwhelming. Chef Sabrina Kate has 11 years of professional pastry experience with 5 years of specializing in organic, gluten-free, and vegan baking. Spend time with Sabrina for her demonstration of Baking with Food Allergies: Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes. A simple, yet versatile recipe to learn and be able to adapt to the top 8 food allergens as well as the art and science of baking gluten-free AND vegan. Attendees to this demo will receive a FREE sample as well as a¬†10% off coupon to spend at Ambrosia Natural Bakery’s booth at the Oregon Chocolate Festival.

You may pre-order some of our baked goods to pick up at the festival by emailing your order to:, or give us a call at (541)295-4859. We will send you ordering details and invoicing with payment options.

Join us this first weekend of March for a fun, chocolate-filled weekend!!

‚̧ ‚̧ ~Ambrosia Team~



Zucker K√ľchen

Zucker K√ľchen, our newest offering of our Winter Holiday Menu is an Ambrosia Exclusive, you will not find this delicious dessert anywhere else!!!

Our owner & executive pastry chef, Sabrina Kate, grew up with this recipe being handed down generation after generation.. Here is her story about Zucker K√ľchen:

“Every holiday get-together¬†my father’s side of the family would celebrate with HUGE FEASTS!! The highlight of the meal (at least for¬†us kids) was Great Grandma Katherine’s Zucker K√ľchen, or what we all called “zooga kooga” lol ūüėČ My dad’s mama would even mail¬†some to us every Christmas after we had moved far away, and it was a sweet reminder of the times we had spent with all the cousins, aunts, and uncles celebrating.”


(Sabrina is in the front with the white and green dress) ūüėÄ

Sabrina has taken this original recipe and worked her magic on it to convert it to #organic #gmofree #glutenfree #cornfree #peanutfree #soyfree and STILL taste like the original recipe she grew up enjoying..

Zuker K√ľchen literally¬†translates in German to “Sugar Cake” and the texture of the cake is light and airy with anise and citrus flavor notes topped with cinnamon streusel and all-natural sprinkles.

Try this old family favorite $45 for¬†8″ square cake¬†~ serves¬†16