Grain and Refined Sugar Free Baking Class

Answering many of our customer’s requests, we are finally doing it!!! 🙂

If you follow a clean eating, low carb, paleo, or whole30 diet, then you know the challenges that come up in the kitchen. In our FIRST Grain and Refined Sugar Free Baking Class, Chef Sabrina will be showing YOU how to overcome these problems. She has 4 years experience baking grain and refined sugar free, catering to her customers that follow these special diets, are diabetic, or who deal with health issues like candidiasis.

Join us for a 2 hour class filled with health info, techniques and tips for baking without grains or sugars, how to live the grain-free lifestyle, and demos of Sabrina’s favorite paleo-friendly recipes. You’ll get a thorough grocery and dining out guide, class packet, grain and refined sugar free baked goods and refreshments, and you’ll learn top SECRET pro tricks to getting good results in the kitchen!!!

DON’T MISS this class, we are offering it for the first time, and most likely will not offer it again until January 2018!!! Email us at TODAY to reserve your space, we book quickly and have limited seats!

Class cost is $40 & must be prepaid and preregistered in advance. Class cost incluces:
Chef demo of 2 grain and refined sugar free recipes
Grocery and dining out guide
Ambrosia paleo baked goods and refreshments
$10 Ambrosia gift card
Presentation on grain and refined sugar free baking & health info

Class Outline:
What is paleo/whole30?
The science behind WHY a grain-free lifestyle
How to live without grains and sugar (shopping, eating out, travelling, special occasions, etc)
Learning alternative ingredients, how they work, and what to avoid
New recipes & techniques in the kitchen