Zucker Küchen

Zucker Küchen, our newest offering of our Winter Holiday Menu is an Ambrosia Exclusive, you will not find this delicious dessert anywhere else!!!

Our owner & executive pastry chef, Sabrina Kate, grew up with this recipe being handed down generation after generation.. Here is her story about Zucker Küchen:

“Every holiday get-together my father’s side of the family would celebrate with HUGE FEASTS!! The highlight of the meal (at least for us kids) was Great Grandma Katherine’s Zucker Küchen, or what we all called “zooga kooga” lol 😉 My dad’s mama would even mail some to us every Christmas after we had moved far away, and it was a sweet reminder of the times we had spent with all the cousins, aunts, and uncles celebrating.”


(Sabrina is in the front with the white and green dress) 😀

Sabrina has taken this original recipe and worked her magic on it to convert it to #organic #gmofree #glutenfree #cornfree #peanutfree #soyfree and STILL taste like the original recipe she grew up enjoying..

Zuker Küchen literally translates in German to “Sugar Cake” and the texture of the cake is light and airy with anise and citrus flavor notes topped with cinnamon streusel and all-natural sprinkles.

Try this old family favorite $45 for 8″ square cake ~ serves 16