Health Coaching

Meet Karen Daggett Austin of True Food Coach, a Certified International Health Coach & Integrative Nutrition Consultant for all your health coaching needs!!! Integrative health & nutrition, digestive wellness, taming food intolerance, healthy cooking / meal planning, weight loss, and corporate & group health programs, are a few of the amazing SERVICES Karen provides.


“I believe firmly that it “all starts with food”… real, clean, true food. Garbage in, garbage out, remember?”

Karen truly believes that FOOD IS MEDICINE, which has been Ambrosia’s mission statement since day one!! We believe that with the proper diet, the body will heal itself and be restored to optimum health. “Ambrosia” is the healing nectar of the gods. Our baked goods are healing nectar for the body, mind, and soul; soothing medicine for your body!! With coaching from Karen, and delightful sweets from Ambrosia, you have a winning combination for health and longevity!!!

Contact her TODAY for a FREE initial Health Assessment!!!



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